Small Appliances Rule!crock pot

Consider making the microwave oven or toaster oven your main heat source in the kitchen. They're small and easy to use, as well as portable. A conventional oven may be too difficult to work around for a seated cook or cooks who have difficulty bending over.

Some people use a cook-top range. It has four burners on top and nothing below, leaving plenty of knee-space. An oven can be recessed into a wall. That way you only have to deal with the oven for baking, or not at all, if you use a toaster-oven for baking.)

For broiling steaks, seafood, chicken, etc., George Foreman's Lean, Mean Grilling Machine® is a favorite with many blind cooks because it's completely self-contained, so easy to use and clean.

A crock-pot is another low-labor alternative. All you have to do is put the ingredients in and go do something else for several hours while your meal slow cooks. A crock-pot gradually coaxes out every bit of flavor from meats and vegetables, and then shuts off at a pre-set time. The most you have to do is add water and adjust seasonings.

Many favorite foods have corresponding appliances to make them. A bread machine is super-easy to use—just add the ingredients and it does the rest. I've heard people swear by them. They say, "Even if you never buy small appliances, buy a bread machine and spoil yourself with fresh baked bread all the time."

Explore your favorite cooking store for convection ovens, pressure cookers, rotisserie ovens, steamers, rice-cookers, and stovetop grills, so you won't have to wrangle a huge conventional stove all the time. Each specialty appliance usually comes with its own cookbook and you can find single-appliance cooking titles in any bookstore, such as those for microwave cooking or crock-pot cookery. Enjoy better food an easier way! Bon Apetite!

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