Who We Are

Infinitec is the assistive technology program of UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago. Assistive technology is any device that accomplishes a task for someone who cannot achieve it naturally. Examples range from synthetic voice for speech to wheelchairs for mobility to reading programs that aid people with learning disabilities or blindness. UCP Seguin sponsors Infinitec programs that bring assistive technology to people with disabilities of all types in the State of Illinois and beyond.


What We Do

The mission of Infinitec is to advance independence and promote inclusive opportunities for children and adults with disabilities through technology. Infinitec helps people with disabilities get access to information, technology services, training, assistive equipment and specialists. By creating partnerships with other organizations, the Infinitec staff makes these services and technologies more widely available to everyone who can benefit from them.


About Candace Bennett and the History of Infinitec.org

The Infinitec.org site launched in the fall of 1997 and Candace Bennett has written content for it ever since, totaling over 15 years. Candace has progressive M.S., which has given her an empathetic perspective. She has always championed site visitors by writing about specific uses of assistive technology devices and the unique people who use them. She has also written about  any resources that could improve the lives of her peers-- people with disabilities. Candace uses much of the technology herself, turning the progression of her disease into something positive, by sharing her uses of them. These are mainly magnification devices and durable medical equipment, such as scooters and various types of wheelchairs. Candace's enthusiasm for her peers has given her literary voice a very supportive tone in hundreds of useful articles, beginning with Infinitec's Adaptive Cooking feature, which brought in heavy visitorship from the entire disability community, as well as getting plenty of national media recognition. Candace wrote about all aspects of life for site visitors, such as adaptive driving, traveling, learning and sports to useful tips on dental hygiene and incontinence. Candace has retired, but still enjoys contact with her UCP Seguin family and the Infintec.org Web site remains close to her heart!

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