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Browse through this smattering of popular places to visit in the United States and stops beyond. You'll be surprised at the variety of places already scoped out for disabled travelers. Here are accessibility websites covering great places, with travel tips, and an idea of what to expect. Many of the editors here are also disabled and write from that perspective. Take a look:


Click here for information about the Department of Transportation's  toll-free "hotline" for air travelers with disabilities.

The toll-free number for aviation consumer disability hotline is:
1-800-778-4838 (voice)
1-800-455-9880 (TTY)


Click here for a May 2014 publication of Disability Connection from 10 Things You Need to Know about Planes, Trains and Automobiles. 


The Essential Guide to Travelling with a Medical Condition
This easy-to-use resource includes things to consider when traveling with a medical condition or a disability.  It explores packing, planning, transportation, emergency help, disclosing your medical condition, going through customs and more.

Air Travel With a Disabiltiy
his article provides information on how to travel by air with a person who has a disability.

Barrier Free Travels

Blog for slow walkers to wheelchair users. Author is Cindy Harrington.


Mobility International USA
This is a disability-led organization that promotes international exchanges for people with disabilities both abroad and for those who wish to come to the USA. The website includes a searchable library, training and tools for international development and exchange staff, disability advocacy, people-to-people exchanges, and employment and internships. 

infographic regarding international travel for persons with a disability


Department of State's Human Rights Practices
Search by country to learn about the country's human rights practices before you travel.


Easy Access Australia
This travel guide was created by Bruce Cameron, a man with a spinal injury. The website is intended to provide information about accessible travel in Australia but seems to only emphasize Sydney.  


Undiscovered Britain
Visit this website for touring information within the British Isles, including a thorough access guide and a rating system.  Click here.


Exceptional Vacations (EV) 
Offering all-inclusive, fun, rewarding travel destinations, Exceptional Vacations is dedicated to providing high quality vacation opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and special needs. EV provides safe, chaperoned environments that promote integration, socialization, friendship and fun.


Accessible Switzerland
The Swiss profess that despite its topographical ups and downs, Switzerland is friendly to disabled travelers, offering paved hiking trails in the mountains and a promenade near a lake, shopping and more. Learn a lot of basic travel information at this website, such as where accessible restaurants are located, suggested transportation and a special hotel guide.


Accessible Journeys Group Tours offer tours all over the world, including Africa, Canada, China, France, Great Britain, India, Ireland, Israel, Nepal and the United States. Packages offer fun and companionship. They also offer ocean cruises. Check it out here.


Access Travel Center
Based in Atlanta, GA, but listing many types of travel and transportation companies in major cities throughout the U.S.  Click here.


Accessible Portugal
Agency specializes in tours and accommodations for tourists using wheelchairs—destinations all over Portugal and Spain.  Click here.


Independent Living Institute 
Lists links to travel and leisure resources, worldwide.


Special Needs Group Inc.
954-585-0575 (international)
Includes Special Needs at Sea, a company dedicated to the needs of travelers for mobility aides, oxygen or other equipment in 30 countries around the world.  They will make arrangements for equipment to be delivered directly to the airport, hotel or cruise ship. 


Traveling with Autism: How to Handle Safety, Transitions and Time in Transit
There are challenges when traveling with a child who has autism.  But it does not mean families should skip traveling.  Read about the benefits of family travel, planning early, creating a safety plan, packing, road, air and train travel suggestions, staying in a hotel, experiencing theme parks and general suggestions. 



Accessible Journeys
Vacation planner and tour operator exclusively for wheelchair travelers, their families and friends. 


Provides accessible hotel reservations and services for people with disabilties in cities throughout the world.


Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide
This guide is a compilation of general travel tips, tips for airline travel, ways to make travel easier and tips for attactions and accommodations.


Travel Care Companions

There are several companies that offer travel care companions.  These individuals may be private duty nurses, former flight attendants, respiratory therapists or EMTs who travel and assist passengers with special needs.  Here are a few organizations, but don't be limited by the list. Simply search for travel care companions.

Medical Travel Help

Ensemble of Care

Preferred Travel Helpers


Traveling with Your Eyes Shut Series
8 part series from Large Print Reviews that provides tips on traveling if you are visually impaired. Includes:


Traveling with a Guide Dog

Bus Travel

Air Travel

Train Travel

Cruise Ships

Travel in Canada

International Travel


Resting Easy in the US: Unique Lodging Options for Wheelers and Slow Walkers includes access descriptions and photos of over 90 US properties from B&Bs, ranches, lakeside cottages to boutique hotels, rustic cabins and yurts.