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Adaptive Alarm Clocks

For those of us who use assistive technology, being prepared can mean anything from finding a one-handed or Braille keyboard, to locating a voice recognition program that reads text or types spoken language, to outfitting a power wheelchair with a sip and puff device. For most of us though, prepared also means having a reliable alarm clock!

People with visual or auditory impairments need adapted alarm clocks—those that either speak the correct time, use ultra-loud volume, vibrate, or flash strobe lights, because a typical buzzer just won't cut it.  There are pocket watches that talk, traveler's alarm clocks, clocks with four alarms, ones with weather stations, mobile apps and voice controlled talking alarms. The BrailleBookStore is a good source.


Sonic Boom™- for people with deafness or a hearing impairment.

The Sonic Boom alarm clock made by Sonic Alert, Inc., is designed to wake up even the heaviest sleepers. When the alarm goes off, the user can select to wake up to any combination of a loud pulsating audio alarm, flashing lights, or shaking bed (vibrator sold separately). A vibrator placed under a pillow or between the box screen and mattress produces a steady or pulsating vibration pattern that is very effective. Sonic Boom is a versatile device because the volume and tone controls are adjustable, for the best sound combination to wake up to.


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