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Adaptive Toys

Dear Friends,

Do you have a special child at home to buy gifts for? If so, I've just scoured the web for the latest in adaptive toy companies.  Every time I look, there is so much more available for children with special needs!


Able Play from Lekotek
This is a toy rating system and website providing information on toys and play products. Designed to help you make decisions before purchasing. 


Dragon Fly Toys
Offers toys for children with special needs, including switches, active play, imagination, hands on play, puzzles and more.


Enabling Devices (formerly Toys for Special Children)
Offers a diverse toy chest of adapted toys, switches, mounts, and more. Now includes products for service and therapy pets. 


Jim's Jungle Play and Design
Custom designed play systems that are fun and colorful.  Jim's will custom design systems to fit you needs too. 


National Lekotek Center
The National Lekotek Center provides family play centers and toy lending libraries that give children with special needs access to play that brings both joy and learning into their lives. Toys, books, and computer software and hardware are selected or adapted to fit the way their minds and bodies work. Search on this site for locations near you.


School Speciality (formerly Abilitations)
Educational products from national brands such as Crayola and Elmer's plus proprietary brands like Childcraft, Sax, Califone and Frey.  Includes a special education section with items for active play, fine and gross motor, positioning, language and sensory processing.


Science Shareware
This site gives instructions for adapting your own toys, plus sells toys already adapted.


Tack Tiles®
Braille Systems are a sophisticated teaching tool for all ages based on LEGO®-type blocks. These Braille blocks provide a unique bridge, a smoother, shorter, more interesting path to Braille literacy. Now in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian literary Braille Code as well as Nemeth Braille Code for mathematics, Braille code for music notation, and computer Braille code. True to their nature, TACK-TILES® have shown themselves to be valuable tactile aids in several settings wherein of sensory stimulation, not vision, is the central issue to be addressed.

Note: Infinitec Inc. does not endorse or recommend these products and has no liability for the results of their use. Infinitec Inc. has received no consideration of any type for featuring any product on this Web site. The information offered herein is a summary; it is not comprehensive and should be carefully evaluated by consumers with the assistance of qualified professionals. The intention of Infinitec Inc. is to offer consumers a brief overview of various assistive technology devices and their applications.