Assistive Technology Funding Resources
800-227-0216 (V)
301-608-8912 (TTY)
301-608-8958 (Fax)
Provides comprehensive information on assistive technology, including funding.
AT Act Programs (formerly U.S. Tech Act Programs)
The Technology Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1988 created Tech Act Projects in all states. Here is an alphabetical listing of state AT Act Programs with website links and contact information. Also on this site is a listing of furnding programs by state. 
707-778-3015 (TTY)
707-765-2080 (Fax) 
Information on parent support groups and on centers where equipment can be tried. Also offers information about evaluations for assistive technology related to computer use.
A Peoria, Illinois-based non-profit organization that delivers 2500 computer systems to Peorians with low income or disabilities who could not otherwise access the Internet.
A United Way agency that provides families, adults, special needs individuals, seniors and veterans who are At-Risk with computer access at home or school.  
919-962-2001 (V)
919-843-3269 (TDD)
919-966-7463 (Fax)
Provides information on Early Intervention Programs and who to contact in your state for more information.
202-884-8068 (V)
Assists organizations and programs that serve families of children with disabilities by providing information and support on accessing and using assistive technology. Many resources related to assistive technology and its funding.
617-236-7210 (V)
800-331-0688 (in MA) 
617-572-2094 (Fax )
A parent training and information center, designed to help parents deal with schools. Call for the location of a center near you.
These agencies are advocacy agencies empowered by federal law to advocate for the civil and legal rights of U.S. citizens with disabilities.  They may be helpful when seeking funding.
This organization promotes technology reuse with an online non-profit locator that enables donors of used computers and other electronic hardware to select a local charity or school to receive their donation.  Use this to find charities that may be in your area. 
800-346-2742 (V)
301-495-5626 (TDD)
301-587-1967 (Fax)
Provides information on disability and rehabilitation, including research, organizations, publications, journal articles, and Internet resources.
This organization trains attorneys to deal with assistive technology issues and also provides technical assistance.
703-524-6686 (V)
Lists sources of funding to purchase AT devices and services in Canada and the U.S.