Enabling Gardening
Gardening is something nearly anyone can do. You set the goals how hard you want to work and how lavish you want your garden to be. Start with one pot of easy-going geraniums or challenge yourself with fastidious rose bushes. Try a diverse vegetable garden for all the freshness of delicious summer eating. Choose peaceful solitude when you work or share techniques with other gardeners. It's all up to you—that's what makes gardening such a satisfying activity!
What matters most are your tastes, abilities, and budget. This section shows you ways to gain better access to the soil, as well as handy tools to make the most of your powers. There's many ways to put gardening back into your life if a visual or mobile disability has sidetracked you. By the time you're done reading the variety of choices, we hope you'll be inspired enough to start gardening, even if you've never tried it before. It's good for the soul, as well as good exercise.