figurine of two men, one reading while other leans in to read with him


Salute to Technology

All through time, beginning with the invention of the wheel, the disability community has merged with the mainstream to live the best life possible.

Mechanization reduced labor, telephones made the world smaller and aided people with visual and hearing losses. Electricity and the electric light bulb blazed a path for better vision, motorized wheelchairs, alternative communication devices, and countless others.

Twenty-first century scientists mean to blur the disability distinction altogether with wheelchairs that climb stairs, upright mobility scooters, more talking electronics, more intuitive software, neural implants, cochlear and retinal implants, cybernetics and robotics.

If you haven't found a worthwhile assistive device that helps you get on with your life, know there is hope—many great things await us. Infinitec salutes the scientific community for making so much possible and we hope to play a role in locating the best life-enhancing technology for each of you. After all, it's up to each of us now to do great things and we need the proper gear to do it!


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