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Home Safety

Use the resources to the left for home safety ideas.

When older adults wish to age in place, help may be needed not only to modify the structure to make it accessible, but you should also consider the need to declutter to make room for specialized equipment or to allow for easier navigation of walkers and wheelchairs and general safety. Here are important ideas for organizing and decluttering your home for seniors and individuals with special needs. This guide has room-by-room ideas and addresses things like relocating furniture, keeping pets in a designated area, creating a system for sorting mail, and organizing pantries, kitchens and baths.

This Home Safety Checklist for Wheelchair Users identifies the challenges that may be faced around the home. These include personal care, food prep, access to cupboards and shelves, difficulties related to loss of sensation and handling and manipulating knobs, levers and other items.  This checklist looks at many areas of the home and provides safety recommendations for wheelchair users.