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Kitchen Sinks

So much kitchen work is done at the sink that you must be comfortable working at yours. If it's impossible to replace the sink, removing the cabinet doors below it will provide knee space for a person sitting in a wheelchair or on a low stool. (The water pipes must be insulated to protect legs from a cold or hot pipe.) A garbage disposal can be repositioned further back or off to one side. When not using the sink, you might cover the opening with a removable panel or curtains.

It's also helpful to replace the faucet with a single-lever handle for easier, one-handed control. Some faucets are no-touch faucets that have sensors to sense hands below them, then water flows for a programmed amount of time you specify. A spray nozzle reaches far to rinse off dishes or clean fruits and vegetables. If you can replace your sink, buy a shallow one that slopes in front for easy access. Often, a sink can be repositioned a little higher or lower, eliminating the need to replace it.


Midland, Ontario L4R4S6
Phone: 866.687.7465
Has a variety of shallow double or single sinks, five inches deep, for reaching from a seated position; rear-corner drain placement maximizes obstacle-free space under the sink for greater leg room.


Kohler Company
Phone: 800.456.4537
Kohler has a wide variety of accessible plumbing products in attractive styles. The Assure double sink is designed specifically for wheel chair accessibility. Their design staff vigorously researched wheelchair user needs and crafted a sink with many accessible features, including a wide front ledge one can grasp to pull oneself forward, and two shallow wide basins. Kohler also manufactures a wide variety of faucets.


Phone: 800.783.7546
Sterling manufactures nine stainless steel kitchen sinks designed to meet ADA requirements, so they're universally accessible for all to use. They also manufacture carry grab bars, and bathroom sinks.



Phone: 800.345.3358
Choose from a large variety of high-functioning, graceful faucets, including single- handed and Euro-style faucets, designed to meet ADA requirements.


Phone: (800) 626-5771
Franke carries a large selection of faucets with various handle sizes and positions. Contact them about availability of a special access handle that replaces Franke's top or side-lever handles and anti-scald dials.


Phone: 800.537.2107
Speakman is another nice line of ADA compatible faucets and shower heads including no-touch sensor styles and temperature controls.


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