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Single-Handed Cooking

Following are some great kitchen helpers for cooks who only have one hand available to them: See the Shopping for Aids to Daily Living page for the catalogs mentioned here that offers adaptive kitchen tools.

  • Single-handed or stationery peelers come with suction cups to hold them firmly in place as you peel vegetables or fruits. Some models come with large grips, non-slip handles, and/or sharp swivel blades. They can be used with a stationary cutting board. Available at MaxiAids and in most other catalogs.

  • Stationary cutting boards aid cooks with attaching aluminum prongs to stabilize food fwhile cutting. Some models have suction cups on the bottom to keep boards in place, and corner guards to prevent food from slipping off.

  • A roller knife has a round blade just like a pizza cutter. Both the E-Z Grip Knife ™ and Be-OK Knife ™ are great for single-handed use with a back-and-forth rocking motion. (Only use electric knives if you know you can handle them.). See Kitchen Tools.

  • Plates and bowls come with side-guards to prevent food slippage.

  • Scrubbers attach to sink bottom or side of sink for one-handed scrubbing.