Everyone knows an activity they like to do, but having fun can be hard work if you have a disability! The good news is that Infinitec knows ways around that. We've created access guides within the numerous topics below.

For example, all sports can be adapted to fit the individual, from using a golf cart to using a monoski or sit-ski for skiers who cannot stand independently. Skaters can even find walkers for ice skating and swimmers can access pools with a lift. Then there are assistive listening devices to make going to the theater a success and raised beds provide access to gardens from a seated position. Thinking of seeing the great outdoors? Buy a guide to America's accessible parks.
Even relaxing can be stress-free for persons with visual impairments who use an electronic book or magazine. And playing brings a smile to a special needs child when engaged with an adapted toy - toys with switches or joysticks. (A large range of toys is available today.) Name your game; we'll make it fun!
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