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New Home Exercise Machines

All of us need exercise of some kind. As much of us find the prospect daunting, it's really crucial to find a way to do it. What are at stake, to name a few, are bone loss, arthritis pain, circulation and pulmonary disorders, cardiac disease, and further limitations on flexibility and range of motion.

The good news is that now more ever, we have access to a wide range of fitness equipment, including machines designed for home use. Exercising also starts feeling good once you find the right kind.

The National Center for Physical Activity and Disability (NCPAD) can steer you to adaptive programs and equipment appropriate for your individual needs. NCPAD also lists related articles, and demonstration videos on their vast database:, or call to talk to one of NCPADs information specialists: (800) 900-8086. The organization was created expressly for providing access to fitness for people with disabilities.

Seated Aerobics Videotape! Call the above telephone number to order NCPAD’s Seated Aerobics Video in VHS format or DVD.

One more option for working out at home is to locate an adaptive or seated exercise program on public television; videotape the program for future sessions. Try to exercise with other people, good music, or a good TV program to distract yourself from the effort.

Here's where to get it:
Access to Recreationversatrainer
Access to Recreation offers equipment for all types of adaptive sports, including exercise equipment for home use. The above Web page features the EasyStand 6000 Glider™ for leg motion in individuals unable to stand upright or walk on their own, Versatrainer to incorporate full body strength, muscle development and cardiovascular conditioning, the McClain Wheelchair Roller for building strength and stamina, and several other fitness machines. Check it out!

pedal exerciserLife At Home (LAH)
LAH sells a lightweight pedal exerciser for seated peddling. You can find pedal extenders at sporting good stores in varying degrees of quality, and also through the Flaghouse catalog listed below. A pedal extender strengthens the legs while providing a cardio workout. Adjustable resistance lets you choose an easy or challenging workout.

S&S Worldwide
S&S Worldwide sells many different items for leisure and recreation, including fitness and exercise videos for low prices.

Sample workout routine from NCPAD
Adapted for sitting on a chair or mat for exercising at home. See all of NCPADs exercise videos geared for specific disabilities.

Saratoga Home Exercise Equipment and Accessories
Rand Scot, Inc. produces an entire line of adaptive exercise equipment Developed by the founder, a quadriplegic. See their Web site to learn about these diverse products.

powertrainerSCI FIT
The Basic Power Trainer provides a non-impact exercise format involving arms and legs, from a wheelchair or stable seating. Because the arm and foot pedal cranks turn in unison, strong limbs turn the exerciser while weak or inactive limbs are assisted through the motion. Optional seating, gripping gloves, high support boots, low-cut boots, heart monitor, and more options available. Visit their Web site to see them all.To place an order, or for more information, please call 1-800-278-3933 or email,

uppertoneThe Uppertone
The UPPERTONE was designed and introduced in 1990 by a C4-C5 quadriplegic. It allows people with C4-C5 and below quadriplegia (tetraplegia) due to spinal cord injury to do all the necessary upper body exercises necessary for rehabilitation and maintenance, without any assistance. Indeed they can make all the adjustments, including resistance, without handgrip strength, cuffs, or assistance. Call (800) 468-8679 for information and pricing.

Additional Resources:
Flaghouse provides thousands of products for consumers as well as recreational therapists. Customer service representatives guide you to desired equipment.

Aquatic Resources Network
Aquatic exercise equipment, how-to articles, books, research, pool and program locations, and information for physical therapists