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Adapted Sports Magazines

Magazines created for people with disabilities list many great resources and feature articles on sports. Many spotlight special equipment such as all-terrain wheelchairs, plus much more. Then there are the terrific, dedicated sports magazines for people with disabilities. Following is a list of resources you can use to get started:


Challenge Magazine
An online publication of Disabled Sports USA, providing adaptive sports information to adults and children with disabilities, including those who are visually impaired, amputees, spinal cord injured (paraplegic and quadriplegic), and those who have multiple sclerosis, head injury, cerebral palsy, autism and other related intellectual disabilities.


ep Magazine or Exceptional Parent
Provides practical advice, emotional support and educational information for families of children and adults with disabilities and special healthcare needs.  Publication is also appropriate for physicians, allied health care professionals and educational professionals.  


In Motion Amputee Coalition of America
A publication of the Amputee Coalition of America, providing timely and important information on living well with limb loss.  Available in print or electronic versions. 


New Mobility "The magazine for active wheelchair users."
Monthly publication currently owned by United Spinal Association. Excellent unique resource that shatters stereotypes and tells real stories of living life on wheels.


A quarterly publication designed to provide sport, physical education and recreation information for individuals with disabilities. 

PN (Formerly Paraplegia News)
A magazine offering diverse resources, it's published by the Paralyzed Veterans Association. PN covers current topics, health, caregiving, sports of the season, recreation and lists events. PN can be viewed online.


Sports 'n Spokes"The Magazine for Wheelchair Sports and Recreation"
Probably the most sports-oriented magazine for people with disabilities, featuring sports articles, news, equipment, and resources.


Adapted Sports Books

DisAbility Fitness, by Devon Palermo
This comprehensive resource guide targets self assessment, nutrition, program design, and functional adaptive exercises designed to motivate you, inspire you, and educate you to begin to increase your fitness and improve your overall health and well being.


Disability Sport – 2nd Editionby Karen P. DePauw
Covers the organizations available, research on coaching and training athletes with disabilities, providing injury prevention and treatment, private and public triumphs in disability sport.


A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities by Jane Maxwell, Julia Watts Belser and Darlena David. 
Purchase here or read online a publication developed with the participation of women with disabilities in 42 countries, this guide helps women to overcome the barriers of social stigma and inadequate care to improve their general health, self-esteem, and independence.


Exercise for People with Disabilities; Getting Started on you Fitness Plan, Published by the University of Kansas, Research and Training Center on Independent Living, 2001.
Addresses the relationship between physical activity and health quality of life for people with disabilities.


Conditioning With Physical Disabilities, by Kevin F. Lockett PT, CSCS and Ann M. Keyes, PT, CSCS (in cooperation with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago), published 1994 by Human Kenetics.
An older exercise guide for all classifications and levels of physical disabilities. An easy-to-read manual, written by certified physical therapists and certified strength and conditioning specialists. Readers receive detailed instructions and illustrations to safely perform exercises geared for each classification of disability.


Canoeing and Kayaking for Persons with Physical Disabilitiesby Anne Wortham Webre and Janet Zeller.  
Instructional Manual


Bold Tracks: Teaching Adaptive Skiing, by Hal O'Leary
For twenty-five years, Hal O'Leary and the Winter Park Handicap Ski Program have been the acknowledged leaders in adaptive skiing for more than fifty disabilities and have become the model for other programs around the world. This guide is essential for instructor and student alike. The manual covers skiing for the visually and hearing impaired as well as the physically and developmentally disabled.


Hearts of Gold: A Celebration of Special Olympics and Its Heroes, by Sheila Dinn, published 1996.
Beginning with a history of the ancient and modern Olympic Games, this informative book quickly moves on to the establishment of the Special Olympics in 1968. Today the organization operates a variety of athletic programs worldwide and year-round.


I am Proud: The Athletes of Special Olympics, by Richard Corman, 2003.
Richard Corman documents the spirit and courage of Special Olympics athletes.  His photographs capture the energy and excitement of these athletes.