Independent Living Resources 

(Most of these companies will send you a free catalog.)

Access to Recreation, Inc.
1 (800) 634-4351 
One of the largest and nicest collections of adapted sports equipment and assistive recreation tools such as for gardening, home exercise machines, aids to daily living, gloves and cuffs, cushions, bath and shower, wheelchair ramps and more. 


Aids to Arthritis, Inc.
1 (800) 654-0707 telephone
1 (609) 654-8631 fax
Recommended by doctors and rehabilitation specialists, Aids to Arthritis carries hundreds of adaptive tools for the kitchen and household, dressing and grooming, car items, and relaxation.


Blindness Resource Center
iew as text or graphical format; includes organizations, research, deafblind resources, braille, eye diseases and more. Also lists vendors who specialize in tech for the blind.


Danscott Enterprises
Manufacturer of the "Cool-Thing" worn around the neck and used to cool a person off. Carried by Bed, Bath & Beyond.


Gold Violin
Carries indepdendent living products.


(800) 269-4663 telephone
Useful daily living aids, as well as home health care products delivered to your door.


1(800) 827-0070 telephone
Specialists in innovative prosthetic and orthotic products. 


Independent Living Aids, Inc.
A complete line of low vision, low hearing, mobility, and daily living products.


Large Print Reviews
Reviews adaptive aids such as talking products, phones, watches, magnifiers, large display products, kitchen aids, health aids, games and puzzles, braille products, clocks and other assistive tools. Links each review to Amazon for purchasing.


Live Oak (formerly Dynamic-Living)
Offers hundreds of single-handed, blind and low vision, communication, memory, and care giving tools, adaptive cutlery and kitchen tools, bathing, mobility devices, car items—everything.


Low Vision Gateway
This site has many links to resources for vision loss, vision-impairment, blindness, low vision aids and low vision rehabilitation services. 


1(800) 522-6294 Telephone
1(800) 281-3555 TTY
1(631) 752-0689 fax
An incredible variety of kitchen and cooking aids for all populations; also mobility, vision, hearing and therapy aids.


Patterson Medical (formerly Sammons Preston Rolyan)
1(800) 323-5547 telephone
Devices for eating, drinking, cooking, and all types of rehabilitation and independent living aids. Call for the free catalog.


Storage shelves that move up or down for accessibility. They can be installed within existing closets and cabinets, or housed within a new custom cabinet. Made for the kitchen or closets.

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