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Public Rights of Way

The Architectural Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board) functions as a coordinating body among Federal agencies and represents the public, especially people with disabilities. It sets guidelines on accessible public rights-of-way (after consumers have a chance to comment on them). The Accessibility Guidelines include access to public streets and sidewalks for persons with disabilities, including crosswalks, curb ramps, street furnishings, parking, and other components of public rights-of-way. An Advisory Board comprised of disability groups, civil engineers, transportation specialists, public works departments, and other concerned individuals all contribute to the guidelines.

New guidelines are in development to address access for blind pedestrians at street crossings, wheelchair access to on-street parking, pedestrian access to sidewalks and streets including crosswalks, curb ramps, street furnishings, signals, parking and other public rights-of-way components.  Once the guidelines are adopted by the Department of Justice, they become enforeceable standards under title II of the ADA.

Talking ATMs. Wells Fargo currently offers enhanced ATM access including voice instructions, audio jacks and raised symbols that are in large print and Braille. There is an audio symbol that identifes the machine as a Talking ATM and the earphone symbol designates the location of the earphone jack.  Customers can request an earphone free of charge from Wells Fargo by calling 800.869.3557. HSBC and Bank of America ATMs are also voice assisted and are equipped with audio jacks. If you don't use these banks listed, inquire with your bank for similar ATMs.

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