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Stoves and Refrigerators


As you look through selections of large appliances, keep your unique needs in mind. How low do you want your oven placed in order to reach it easily? If bending is a problem, do you want the refrigerator positioned up higher than standard?


Using a standard stove, with the oven below, can be difficult for a person seated in a wheelchair because it's impossible to view the burners to oversee food while it cooks. Not having knee room is also a big problem. If replacing the stove is not an option, a wall-mounted mirror can be installed above the burners to provide a view of food cooking. However, a cooktop range set into the counter, leaving knee space below it, is the optimal solution. One can be installed into any counter or workspace as long as there is adequate ventilation. Some come with built-in exhaust fans or you can use a separate fan.  A separate oven can be installed at any level. Ideally, it will have doors that open to one side instead of forward.


Choose from many types of refrigerators on the market today. There are refrigerator-freezers which stand side-by-side, compact models, or those with a freezer on the bottom.



Dacor Kitchen Appliances
Phone: 800.793.0093
Accessible cooktops, ovens, kitchen appliances.


Frigidaire Company
Phone: 800. 374.4432
Frigidaire makes electric wall ovens with side swing doors. They also carry smooth cook tops with front controls.


Phone: 800.422.1230
Built-in wall ovens can be positioned at various heights. Self-cleaning is optional. A variety of cooking modes also is optional. For example, you may choose a combination microwave/convection upper oven and thermal/convection lower oven in a double-oven model.


Whirlpool Corporation
Phone: 866.698.2538
Side-by-side refrigerator freezers accessible from a seated or standing position; slide-out shelves, baskets and bins; and through-the-door ice and water dispenser. Also carries cooktops and wall ovens.


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